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Wrong or more wrong?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Our editors cracked up at this one.

Excuse the blurriness. The quality of the clip is a product of the quality of the original and the prowess of our clipping tool, both of which aren't, as you can see, anything to write home about*.

But on to the matter at hand, is "more wrong" wrong? You wouldn't catch our editors using it, or allowing it to pass in a formal document, but we commonly use it when we are arguing in-house about some fuzzy language aspect. Some expletives are used along, in case you are wondering.

In short, we agree with Sheldon. "More wrong" is wrong to use in a formal document. You may however use it in informal contexts, with or without accompanying expletives.

*Can you end sentences with prepositions? That's a beast for another post.

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